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Rapunzel and the Dark Prince

Author: Lidiya Foxglove


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It gets pretty lonely, spending your entire life in a tower. The Witch told me she was keeping me safe from a dangerous world. But one day, when I let down my hair, the Witch wasn’t the one to climb up.

*His presence was so overwhelming; his hands steady on my back, his lips and tongue marking me forever with the taste of a man. I was used to being alone a lot of the time, and wandering around the tower sort of aimlessly, trying to decide what to do once the chores were done.

Now his mouth was telling me what to do and oh, it was good.*

Prince Dorin of Yirvagna, from the darkling lands, is tall and dark, with horns and a tail…and the first man I’ve ever seen in my life. He tells me I’m his bonded mate and I must come with him, and if I’m not so sure about this (admittedly charming) prince, the Witch’s plans for me are worse. And when Prince Dorin stands in her way, her retaliation is swift. I taste freedom for the first time at the cost of Dorin’s eyesight…but can I find a way to lift his curse?

The Fairy Tale Heat series are standalone fairy tale retellings for those who like unabashedly adorable happily ever afters with a side of serious steaminess!

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