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Author: Tasha Black


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This wild rockstar and introverted kindergarten teacher have only one goal in common.
To get her pregnant as soon as possible.

When legendary performer Jubal Ash loses the only person in the world who ever cared about his true self, he knows it’s time to start a family of his own. He expects to be matched with a starstruck surrogate who will loan him her womb and a week of good fun. But instead, he’s blindsided by a shy young schoolteacher, who somehow has him desperate with lust, in spite of her prim ways.

Chloe McGuinty may be the only being in the system who doesn’t know who superstar Jubal Ash is. Until now, her life has been dedicated to her kindergarten students, and to saving for treatments at the local fertility clinic. But when the man she thought was her future marries someone else, she knows it’s time for a change. Agreeing to be a surrogate for an alien in order to have her fertility restored is one thing. But being matched with a reckless, outrageously handsome, horned Maltaffian has her off balance from the moment his hungry eyes land on her.

They say that opposites attract, but even Oberon, the matchmaking AI for the Midsummer Fertility Center, is having a hard time getting the teacher and the rockstar on the same page. His only hope is that Jubal can encourage Chloe to let her hair down, and that Chloe can help him see he is much more than just a celebrity. And there is no better place than the most romantic location in the galaxy to make it happen.


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