Vitamin D Secrets is a new powerful report that explains to the reader what vitamin D really is and why it is so important to their health no matter what age they are. Readers of the report will learn that the experts estimate around a billion people across the world are deficient in vitamin D and this poses a severe health risk.


Readers will learn the main causes of vitamin D deficiency. There are 8 main causes of a vitamin D deficiency and the reader will understand why these can happen and the impact that they can have. Next, the special report reveals the main symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. These are not easy to spot so this is very valuable information.


The reader will learn what the potential impact of a vitamin D deficiency can be. Not having sufficient levels of vitamin D can have some very serious consequences which are explained in the report. This will encourage the reader to get themselves tested to find out if they are deficient in vitamin D or not.  


A healthy diet is essential to ensure the correct levels of vitamin D and the report goes into detail of the best foods to consume. The reader will discover that vitamin D is measured in international units (IU). There is a list of specific foods and their associated IU units so that the reader can make the right choices.


When the reader has finished reading this special report, they will know exactly how much vitamin D they need every day. The report includes a useful list of vitamin D amounts by age. It is made clear to the reader that if they are vitamin D deficient their doctor may prescribe that they exceed the daily recommended dose.


The final section of the report provides details of the diagnosis and treatment of vitamin D deficiency. Readers will learn how to get properly diagnosed for vitamin D deficiency and the most likely treatments. This is a “must have” report on vitamin D and how to avoid vitamin D deficiency.

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